Let it Rain

I couldn’t eat in front of him. I can’t eat in front of any guy, really. It takes me a while to get to know them and feel comfortable around them before I can eat with them. I don’t know when that complex started. Middle school? I just can’t help that they might be watching and listening to my crunches, slurps, and swallowing everything down. … Continue reading Let it Rain


Damn, that was weird. What did that chick want from me? I had to keep looking over my shoulder. For some reason, I kept feeling her eyes pinned on me and hearing her shrill, girlish voice, Waaaiiit!! Dark clouds started to appear in the distance looking like the end of the world was among us. If it stormed tonight, there’s an unfortunate chance my squat … Continue reading Shelter

‘Quick’ Food

“So, is that your real name, Quick?” I had to ask. He had a black mechanic jacket on with the sleeves cut almost all the way off showing his lean muscles, and a label that read “Quick” with another word missing, I’m assuming ‘Lube’ covered by a patch. “Yeah I guess. That’s what everyone calls me down here.” He said in his quiet but raspy … Continue reading ‘Quick’ Food